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The Oneflow values

Oneflow holds to these five core values, which are almost outlandishly visible around the vibrant and loud office.

  • #Inittogether

  • Show love

  • Beat yesterday

  • In transparency we trust

  • Work wonders

We don't just preach diversity, we practice it

  • We want to create a company that people want to work at and perform well. If you can’t be your true self at work, because you have to spend energy pretending to be something you’re not, your work will suffer. If we show people trust, give them freedom and support them, they can perform better

    Aksel Hagelid

    Chief Sales Officer

  • I feel the need to be out and proud to give strength to the rest of the company, people who are joining our company or want to, to let them know this is a safe space where people can be themselves.

    Emilia Wikstedt

    Head of Partnerships

  • It was definitely the right choice to decide to work at Oneflow. Every day just reaffirms it. We’re able to be our true selves and enjoy the different backgrounds, skills, and experience that everyone brings to the table. Companies talk about providing an environment where people can be at their best, but Oneflow has actually built that setting.

    Adam Brewster

    Content Marketer

  • Strength lies in differences, not in similarities. - I couldn’t agree more. Oneflow realized this and I am more than happy to support such a great company by recruiting diverse people who complement each other perfectly.

    Emese Hackl

    Tech Recruiter

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