Product development


In the Product development department, there are two teams. In these teams, we have product owners, designers and developers with different skill-sets to match the needs in the systems they build.

The Application team is responsible for the Oneflow web application, written in Python and React, where they make several deployments each day and continuously improve the product.

The Integration team is responsible for integrating Oneflow with different products such as CRM systems.  We are self-organizing teams that likes to discuss how to approach and break down problems together and values data-driven decisions. We want our developers to feel a strong sense of ownership and that their work really matters. We also want them to be involved in all steps of product development, from feature planning to release.

The Technologies

We are working with some great technologies!


Lifehacks from our Oneflowers

If you don’t have much space in your home, then take your time to properly fold your clothes. To make the most out of my closet I fold my t-shirts as envelopes and stack them next to each others instead of on top. If that makes sense.

Pascal Hardne Product Manager

I tend to not set too high goals for myself. If you aim too high and fail, you will feel miserable. Therefore, it’s better to carefully choose small goals and take baby steps. It brings you more happiness in the end.

Amin Solhizadeh Backend developer

The best way to squeeze a lemon is actually not to cut it first. Simply poke a hole in the non-stem end of the lemon using a toothpick, squeeze it, and there will be juice!

Tiago Guerreiro Salesforce developer

Say what?

We want the best people, that's why we hire from all over the world. Out of around 60 colleagues, we represent 16 different nationalities. We’re from Norway, Chile, France, Denmark, Mexico, Portugal, Iran, Ukraine, USA, India, Germany, Malaysia, Finland, New Zealand, Hungary and Sweden.

Our working language is English, and you should strive to use it around the office, at lunch and in meetings as well to include everyone that doesn’t speak the local tongue.

Check out our Culture Book! We’ve filled it with all the fun things which we think make working here so unique.

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