We are a competitive team by heart that always strive to win every battle that we come across. In order to achieve this we combine the best hands-on sales training together with a “state-of-the-art” sales stack. We constantly challenge the market and our competitors with new perspectives in order to solve our customers needs.

If you want to ramp up your sales career in the SaaS-industry, Oneflow is the place to be! 

Sales at Oneflow is represented in our Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen offices.

Lifehacks from our Oneflowers

Youtube has all the tutorials you need. If you have to fix anything but don’t know how, then Youtube is your friend.

Niklas Koch Sales Executive - Copenhagen

If I’m tired before a workout, I always drink a coffee or an energy drink (preferably passionfruit flavour) and take a 10 minute powernap. Then I’m fit for fight.

William Alestam Sales Development Representative - Stockholm

Brush your teeth in the shower to save time! And if you’re having a bad day, try to smile. In that way you trick your body to be happy!

Hanna Göthman Sales Executive - Stockholm

Boil 40 eggs in one go so you don’t have to do it every morning. Then you can just peel away!

Nineb Sliew Sales Development Representative - Stockholm

Being able to separate my ‘self’ from my emotions has been one of the greatest treasures I have stumbled upon in my adult life, as it has allowed me to be in control of my reactions.

Jonathan Bjurestam Sales Development Representative - Stockholm

Google has the answer to everything!

Kine Aarum Sales Executive - Oslo

Say what?

We want the best people, that's why we hire from all over the world. Out of around 60 colleagues, we represent 16 different nationalities. We’re from Norway, Chile, France, Denmark, Mexico, Portugal, Iran, Ukraine, USA, India, Germany, Malaysia, Finland, New Zealand, Hungary and Sweden.

Our working language is English, and you should strive to use it around the office, at lunch and in meetings as well to include everyone that doesn’t speak the local tongue.

Check out our culture book! We’ve filled it with all the fun things which we think make working here so unique.

Already working at Oneflow?

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  • Anders Hamnes
  • Andreas Sontum Våreid
  • Blair
  • Bosco
  • Bruno Sagarra
  • Daria Fenske
  • David Skogquist
  • Emilia Wikstedt

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